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We tried out the idea of running our own 'day workshops'. 
Ian and Judy organised a workshop on painting abstracts based on some of the exercises in Rolina Van Vliet's books on abstract painting. 
We restricted it to 8 participants and repeated.
The following gallery gives a flavour of the outcomes from each of two groups completing the same 3 exercises.

John explains his work

Detail of Tony's

Julie's 2nd attempt

Steve C's

Judy's 2nd attempt



Ken at work ex.3

Ken's ex.2

Detail Steve's ex.2

Detail Maya's ex.2

Julie's ex.2

Judy's ex.2

ex.2 in progress

Detail Judy's ex1

exercise 1 finished

Steve's ex.1

Maya ex.1

Arthur ex.1

John ex.1

ex.2 in progress

Ex.3 on the board

Group preparing for stage 2

exercise1 in progress

exercise one

deatail - Roly's

detail - Maureen's

group identified theme of each painting

exercise 2 - abstracted landscape

exercise 2 - Isobel's shapes

exercise 2 - Wendy's

exercise 2 - Bruce's geometric shapes

exercise 2 - Maureen's

excercise 2 - Ian's monotone

excercise 3 in progress

exercise 3 in progress

exercise 3

exercise3 in progress

exercise3 - Bruce's

The day's output