North of England Art Club
Guidelines On the Use of Solvents.
The club is keen to encourage the use of a variety of media and to support everyone in their artistic endeavours.
However, solvents, also known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as found in some paints, thinners and glues, can be potentially harmful. Some of the short-term effects are irritation of the eyes, lungs and skin, headaches, nausea, dizziness or light-headedness. Long-term effects on your health from repeated exposure may include dermatitis and liver, kidney or neurological diseases. Certain tasks, such as spraying in unventilated rooms, for example, can produce high exposures.
Solvent hazards are indicated by a diamond warning sign on the container. 
Members are encouraged to use alternative products without solvents where possible.
If you find that a satisfactory alternative is not available, you should become familiar with the associated health issues and how to minimise them for yourself and fellow artists as directed by the manufacturer of the product you have purchased.
Fire Hazards
All flammable solvents must be stored in metal lockers over night or taken home; The landlord insists on this. The club offers no facilities for the communal storage of flammable substances.
Breathing Vapours
Please would you warn fellow artists when using solvents in the same room and explain to them the measures you are taking to minimise risk to health. (Extract fans in the Painting Studio and Store Room could both be used for example)
Risk of Ingestion or Skin Contact
Please do not use or leave any solvents in the Social Room or near any catering or drinking areas.