July 2022 Bruce McNiven gave his talk on life studies (rescheduled from May) in which he defined his purpose as covering Art History, Sociology, Experience and Advice. A bold objective that he carried off with considerable success. The audience of fifteen members was kept engaged and involved throughout. As Bruce explained, the life classes at the Academy Royal in Paris, beginning in 1745, were restricted to male artists only. The Royal Academy, a little later, imposed the same restrictions. It was over a hundred years before a talented female artist was allowed to participate. Historically, the objective of life studies was to portray the perfect male body, as exemplified by Michelangelo's "David". Fortunately, society moved on, and in later examples Bruce showed studies of female nudes gazing confidently at the viewer, examples of the human form that reflect our changing values and perceptions of beauty.

Egon Schiele, Female Nude Lying on Her Stomach, 1917         Michelangelo, David, 1501 - 1504

Our Thursday Talks for April continued with “Seascapes” presented by Ian Davison. Ian illustrated the diversity of challenges in painting the sea, ranging from depicting the power and movement of storms and waves, to expressing the vast scale of the open sea. About twenty members attended. The new venue in the main studio has good ventilation but we need to achieve better blackout. If you want to see the paintings shown, and can use WeTransfer, please email the club and we will send you the material.