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MEMBERSHIP and Membership form 2024

The club is keen to welcome new members, and one way we do that is help people decide if it is appropriate for them. You may therefore like to consider the following before you join:

The club activities are generally weekday daytime although some activities happen on Saturdays and very occasionally evenings. 
It is of course impossible to set a 'standard' of art proficiency for new members and the club does not seek to 'approve' or reject new members work. However the club is not intended for beginners and although we seek to promote a welcoming and accepting atmosphere, beginners may find the activities of less benefit. It is therefore requested that new members bring in a portfolio in hard copy or tablet/phone, at the initial meeting or send a link to a web based portfolio before that. The intention is purely to make sure that you will enjoy and get the most out of the club and not to make judgements.
The club members are mainly painters, although some limited printing and small scale sculpture does take place.
The club organises occasional selling exhibitions to promote and celebrate the members creativity. As the club does not make any financial gain, they are not intended to be commercial opportunities for artists to just sell their work and not enjoy the other communal activities available.


Annual Subscription


Subscriptions are payable annually from 1st January, new members pro rata as and when they join during the year. Payment may also be made by 4 post dated cheques which should be submitted in January and dated 1 January, 1 March, 1 June and 1 September.


Full Membership:  £150.00


Student Membership  £50.00*

use of a locker £10


Honorary Membership**


* Over 18 and in full time education in an Arts subject

** Honorary members are elected by Council


If you are interested in becoming a member please send a message from the Contact page. Then we can arrange for you to visit us, have a look around, and a chat with one of our members, and perhaps join in to an event such as Thursday lunchtime presentations, or a studio session.

You can download the membership form this website and bring it with you, but please don't send the form and your cheque before this preliminary visit.


The membership form for new members can be printed here. 
Members renewing can use this form too, if they need to update address or other details.

Select 'Form 2024' below and select PRINT in your browser menu to print single page Form or select < on browser to return to this website.

Note: please do not fill in and post this form before you have had an introductory meeting with us.

For renewals, the form (and cheque if appropriate) should be left in the club's red post box in the smaller studio, Newcastle Arts Centre. 



Click below to view guidelines:

Club Guidelines (includes Studio Guidelines, Health and Safety Policy, Solvent Guidelines, Guidelines on Working with Models)

You will be asked to confirm that you have read, and will comply with these guidelines on the membership application form. These are designed to be printable from your browser.